Return to the doctrine of the Apostles

We note today in the names called churches a scam that dare not speak its name. Pastors, apostles, prophets, evangelist and teachers build houses scam they call churches. Entant a child of God I denounce by all means this system opens the gates of hell to the people. All must repent and return to the apostles’ doctrine. May the Lord bless you! AMEN!

The Tithe or Tithes ?

Chapter 1 : The Tithe or Tithes
Chapter 2 : The Godhead or Trinity
Chapter 3 : Water Baptism
Chapter 4 : The Prostitution of Women
Chapter 5 : The Church

The mark of the beast ” 666 ”

Chapter 1 : The mark of the beast ” 666 ”
Chapter 2 : Circumcision
Chapter 3 : Introducing children to church
Chapter 4 : Animals and blood
Chapter 5 : Paul and Mathias

The Five Departments

Chapitre 1 : The collection for christians
Chapitre 2 : Voluntary donations for teachers
Chapitre 3 : The Five Departments
Chapitre 4 : Laying on of hands

The Gospel Reversed, how to be saved?

Book 1
Book 2

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